Saving Your Picture

Saving you picture is easy enough, but please remember that the picture to be saved is the picture on show. This means that if you have the "HSL" option on the control panel selected, the highest quality picture will be showing. This may be a 16-million-colour RGB picture modified by you, or, if you have selected the option to reduce this to HSL, then it will be a 3½-million-colour HSL picture. In any case, you will be saving a copy of the modified "primary work template":

However, if you have a special reason for doing so, you can also save the image of the lower-quality secondary work template. Just display the template before saving:

If you have not saved the picture before, it makes no difference whether you do this via the "Save" or the "Save As" button on the control panel. In any case, you will be asked to specify the HD path and the file name. But if you have already saved on at least one occasion, and you do not want to change the name of the file, then you can just click on "Save" to overwrite the previous version. In the case of saving in JPG format, though, you will be asked to re-specify the JPEG quality:

This is the save dialogue that will appear:

Saving as a Windows Bitmap (BMP) is straightforward.

If you save in JPEG format (JPG), you will be asked to specify the quality (1-100). The lower the quality, the smaller the file size. You will need to experiment with these qualities to see which ones suit your purposes.

If you save in Howsoft Bitmap format (HSL), this implies that the template you are saving has suffered a reduction to 3½ million colours. In fact, it is nothing more than a Windows Bitmap with a different filename termination. You can open it just as you would a normal BMP, e.g. in the Windows Paint program. The fact that you are saving it in HSL means that even if you have selected the option to reduce pictures loaded into the primary work template to 3½ million colours, once this has been done there is no need to do it again, so if you load the HSL picture into RD-D, it will not be re-converted unnecessarily.

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