Stacks & Utilities

The following stacks and utilities are for free download. The stacks (open source) can be adapted or the utilities (standalones) used for any purpose whatsoever (including commercial) as long as it is fully understood that the author (Robert J Warren) is not responsible for the consequences.

That said, where credit can be appropriately given to the author/ for inspiration or production arising from these stacks and utilities, it would be appreciated.

Please note the symbols regarding platform and development status on the right hand side of the titles. Click on the title-links for further details.


As you can see, each widget is initalized by 2 ini files so that you can change its size, position, font, etc., and filters.

As suggested, try changing the various parameters to study the effects on the widgets. Click on the "Choose File" button to display the resulting file chooser, and click on the "Choose Picture" button to display the resulting picture chooser. Once you have made some kind of file selection with the choosers (or cancelled), the values (normally file paths) are returned in the yellow boxes. These values in the "choice" files can be used by your program to decide what further action to take.

For demonstrations of the coding required in your program to call these standalone widgets, click on the "See Script"buttons.

If you are a RunRev programmer and you are interested in examining the stacks that make up this pack, here they are:






I apologise for the fact that these stacks are not terribly tidy!



These widgets were created in Rev/Linux 4.5.0-dp-3, and they have been given "beta" status rather than "stable". There is an issue that cannot be resolved in the current version:

Regarding the possibility of retrieving results on the clipboard rather than through the "choice" text files created by the widgets (possibly necessary when running the widgets from a read-only CD-ROM for example), the problem here is that when standalone programs are closed (certainly in Ubuntu Linux), the clipboard is cleared! This option therefore cannot yet be made available.

If you find any BUGS, please report them in an e-mail here with the relevant details, or if you would prefer to fill in a simple form, please click on the link on the extreme left hand side of this page, just below the Revolution icon.


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6th Sep 2010

This page has been updated.

To see the old page, please click here.

Here is a pair of standalone choosers (one for ordinary files and another for pictures) that you can incorporate in your own programs. An example program for calling the widgets is provided, written in Runtime Revolution. However, your programs do not need to be written in RunRev in order to use the widgets.

This version of the widgets should run on most Linux distros. However, regarding a few small details, special preference has been given to Ubuntu.

The choosers can be used for file selection ("Open", or "Save As" functions with or without a suggested file name), or for choosing folders only.

The choosers always display the files on the HD. If you want special icons at the top of the widgets for CD-Rom and/or Floppy Diskette (separately, as shown in the picture above):

a) These drives need to be pre-mounted, either by your software or by the operator**

b) Paths to the images of these drive contents on the HD need to be provided.

**However, even if you do not arrange for separate CD and Floppy icons, the operator can still navigate to their images on the HD, provided he/she knows where to find them, and provided the drives have been mounted of course.

To mount a floppy diskette drive through your program, a typical shell call would be as follows:

get shell("pmount/dev/fd0")

CD-Rom drives are normally mounted automatically when a CD is inserted in the drive.

Once mounted, the paths to the CD-Rom and Floppy images on the HD are typically the following in Ubuntu:



As stated above, the widgets can be used as folder choosers instead of file choosers. The widget without picture preview will be shown without the normal pane on the right for choosing files. However, in the case of the widget for pictures, the file names will still be shown in the right pane so that the operator can click on them and preview the contents of the folders he/she is considering, but what will be returned by the widget is a path to a folder and not a path to a file.

Here are some full-screen examples of the choosers being used for folders only in Puppy Linux:

When you download the pack provided, apart from the 2 widget standalone programs, you will receive a demo program as shown below:


Toggle button to display hidden "dot" folders and files