"Rubber Dub-Dub" is the copyright property of its author, Robert J Warren. It may be copied or distributed freely for the purposes of evaluation, provided the program and its accompanying files are not altered in any way.

Upon payment of the licence fee, you will be entitled to operate the program "as is" on up to 5 computers*. At the discretion of the author, upgrades of the same software (with exactly the same denomination) may become available for free download.

The author is not in a position to accept responsibility for damages of any kind resulting from the use of this software. You use it at your own risk.

The act of payment implies that you have read this contract and accept its terms.


After payment, the software is fully enabled by the supply of an "Unlocking Code" related to the HD of the computer concerned. This means that if you change your hardware (HD) you will need another Unlocking Code from Regardless of whether you change HD's in the future, you use the software on more than one of your own computers, or decide to enable the program on a friend's computer, please note that the supply of 5 Unlocking Codes in your name is the absolute maximum, unless you acquire a further licence.

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