Unlocking code - and how to enter it

For the purposes of evaluation, all aspects of "Rubber Dub-Dub" are enabled. However, an icon of the howsoft.com logo will appear in the top left-hand corner of your picture. All pictures saved will include this icon:

When you have evaluated the software to your satisfaction and have read the conditions of the licence, you may re-visit the Howsoft homepage at http://www.howsoft.com/rubber/buy in order to make your payment. Once payment has been confirmed, you will be asked to supply a "Software Code". To find out what your software code is, open the RD-D program and press the F12 key, or if you prefer go to the menu "Help/About" on the control panel. You will be presented with something like the following:

If you click on the button at the bottom, and you are already connected to the Internet, the program will attempt to contact the Rubber Dub-Dub PHP site. If you have Internet on your computer, but you are not connected at the moment (e.g. you use the dialup system), make the connection and return to the screen above.

When you click on the button at the bottom, there might be a delay of a few seconds, and then the following "PHP mini-browser" should appear in the middle of the About window:

You are now "on line". Fill in your name and e-mail address, and also copy the Software Code from the About box to the PHP mini-browser. Please check very carefully that you have entered these details correctly. Here is an example of what you should type in:

When you are ready, click on "Send". If all is well, you will receive confirmation of the success of your transmission to howsoft.com:

What has happened is that an e-mail has been sent to howsoft.com on your behalf. The only details transmitted are those you filled in in the PHP mini-browser:

Finally, clicking on the button at the bottom of the About window will close it.

In the case that the computer where you have RD-D installed does not have Internet facilities, just make a note of the Software Code and use another computer to send an e-mail message to rubber@howsoft.com like the one above.

If for any reason you have any difficulty, you can always seek advice by e-mail at the address rubber@howsoft.com.

As soon as you receive your Unlocking Code by e-mail from howsoft.com (usually within 24 hours), run RD-D and press F12 or go to the Help/About menu again to show the first screen illustrated at the top of this page. Click on the text box where it says "Unlocking Code:" and type the number you have been given. As soon as you finish typing, your program will be fully enabled and the code will be stored in the program folder (unlock.txt) for future reference.

Your F12 About screen should then look something like this:

Click on the button at the bottom to restart the program.